Set of 3 – Bamboo Glass Essential Oil Bottles

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Set of 3 – Natural Bamboo Glass Essential Oil Bottles

  • 20 mL Frosted Glass Dropper bottle with Bamboo Ring, white bulb * 1 pc
  • 10 mL Patterned Glass Roller bottle with stainless steel fitment, Bamboo Cap * 1 pc
  • 6 mL Polygonal Clear Bottle with stopper and Bamboo Cap * 1 pc

Introducing our luxurious set of 3 Natural Bamboo Glass Bottles – the perfect addition to your eco-friendly lifestyle and a stylish way to store and carry your favorite essential oils, serums, and beauty lotions.

This exquisite set includes:

1. 20mL Frosted Glass Bottle with Dropper Insert + Natural Bamboo Ring: Featuring a smooth frosted finish, this elegant bottle comes with a dropper insert for precise application. The natural bamboo ring adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your high-quality serums and oils.

2. 10mL Patterned Clear Glass with Roller Insert + Natural Bamboo Cap: This charming bottle features a patterned design and a handy roller-ball insert for effortless application. The natural bamboo cap beautifully complements the clear glass, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

3. 6mL Polygonal Clear Glass with Plastic Stopper + Natural Bamboo Cap: A unique polygonal shape, this eye-catching bottle holds your most precious blends in style. The plastic stopper ensures a secure seal, while the natural bamboo cap adds a touch of elegance.

All the bottles in this set are made of high-quality glass, ensuring the longevity and purity of your products. The natural bamboo accents not only add aesthetic appeal, but also make these bottles an eco-friendly al

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